A passionate

about Tahiti’s black pearl

Fascinated since my childhood by travel accounts in Polynesia, it is quite natural that I became attracted to the Maohi culture. It was at the age of 27 that I set foot on French Polynesia for the first time.


The simple and warm welcome of the Polynesian people led me to settle on this pretty piece of land described by its visitors as “paradise”. It was then that I met the Tahitian black pearl, a natural mineral material, made by the pearl oysters, otherwise known as “mother-of-pearl”, cultivated thanks to the islanders artisanal know-how. From a very young age, I had a creative urge, and this is how my passion for the pearl of Tahiti merged with this creative impulse to give birth to a range of refined, powerful and generous jewelry in the likeness of the Polynesian people.

Each pearl has its own character since they are crafted by the oyster which is a living being. Tahitian pearls have the reputation of having a thick mother-of-pearl insuring its high quality. I select each of them carefully and with great expertise so that each bracelet has a unique, precious personality and benefits from a meticulous finish.

This gem with varied reflections ranging from emerald green through eggplant purple and lagoon blue immediately won me over.

— Garry Baton